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Studio Panoply

Where ideas are transformed

into something that can be seen, felt and shared.

about us

Our studio is located in the beautifull city of Adelaide in Norwood. We welcome anyone who has the passion and desire to create!

Studio Panoply is destinedguiched by offering story-driven ceramic courses in which students are taught to shape extraordinary narratives with clay.

The most vital instrument of all is already in everyone's possession: their hands. We offer the rest: the clay, a safe environment in which to experiment and learn, wooden metal tools, and the know-how.

We teach a variety of clay shaping techniques and skills for functional, sculptural, and decorative objects. 


We also introduce design fundamentals such as colour relationships, proportions, visual weight, texture, and form throughout our classes. Everyone can achieve great and professional results having this knowledge!

Studio Panoply was founded by Aurelie de Sousa, an adventurous creative spirit, influenced by years of traveling and leaving around the world. In 2020, she arrived at Adelaide and decided to open a place where she could share her knowledge and desire to create.

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